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Birthdate:Jun 16
fuck shit, you can make this site purple.


"Layout by fruitstyle"

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:|, adachi's cabbage boobs, beating things up with a chair, beatles, birth by sleep, bitter x fan, braig, bromance, bromas, ceiling sex, chibis, demyx, deneb, derp research, detective hats, doodling, drug-dealing foxes, enter the haggis, excellent adventures, eyepatches, fatal diabetes, freakonomics, got your eye, guy love, harry potter, kamen rider den-o, kamen rider gay, kamen rider w/double, kanji, kanji's fabulous dress, kingdom hearts, lets ride terui, magic healan leaves, mama!deneb, mara, naoto's huge cock, nooses are bad, not!twilight, penetrating the darkness, persona four, persoooona four, philip is the prettiest girl, queen, renovations, running out of goho-ms, running out of money, running out of sp, shoutarou and philip, snazzy jazz tunes, souji is a dirty hippy stoner, sparkles, teddie, terranort, terui, that loser in a trash can, the dark tower, the golden girls, the subtext became text, this huge onigiri, trial of the dragoooon, two in one detective, writing, writing cruel unfair things, writing porn, xigbar, xigbar has no standards, xigbutt, xigdem, yosuke is queen of narnia, yukiko's sp boobs, yuuto

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